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SpaceVPX and the world of interconnect - Story

June 18, 2020

By C. Patrick Collier and Michael Walmsley

Open standards have been driving innovation more quickly to the end user in aerospace and defense applications for decades and now space systems are truly enbracing them. A perfect example is the SpaceVPX standard, which leverages the OpenVPX architecture through the interconnect solutions defined in VITA standards. This piece from SpaceVPX founder Patrick Collier and Michael Walmsley of TE Connectivity, the designers of the VPX and SpaceVPX interconnect, covers the basics of SpaceVPX, recent changes, and the importance of the standard interconnect, which drives down cost, results in a more robust supply chain, and maintains a path for future expansion.


Connecting 10G Ethernet in Harsh Environments - Eletter Product

May 12, 2020
TE Connectivity’s CeeLok FAS-T and CeeLok FAS-X connectors allow convenient field assembly, termination and repair—while supporting 10 GB/s speeds. Both comply with VITA standards and VPX protocols.

Ruggedizing interconnects for military and commercial UAVs - Story

May 01, 2020
Advances in electrical and electronic components and related interconnect technologies have helped launch a vast drone industry for both military and commercial use. Small drones – classified as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – are incredibly popular and useful.