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VITA 67If you work with RF modules and contacts, you know there’s not a lot of difference between most options in the aerospace and defense market. Within VITA 67, how could there be?

At TE Connectivity (TE), we aren’t content to let industry standards limit performance. So our engineers designed three times more contacts into the standard VITA 67 architecture: NanoRF modules and contacts. NanoRF modules and contacts fit standard VPX systems packaging requirements. They exceed the most stringent requirements for operating in harsh military applications. And with 12 contacts per half module, they offer significantly more bandwidth, faster processing and higher performance.

NanoFR Module

For example: standard 4 RF VITA 67.1 contacts support 26.5 GHz—while 12 NanoRF modules and contacts support frequencies up to 70 GHz. The NanoRF module and contact design also allows for hybrid RF/optical modules. NanoRF modules’ floating insert can house RF contacts and MT ferrules together, packing up to 10 RF contacts and an MT per half module.

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