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TE Connectivity
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Capacitive load switching sources in military systems: How to extend relay switching life and reliability - Story

November 15, 2017
With high-performance electromechanical relays continuing to play an important part in military and aerospace applications, it is important for engineers to capture all the electrical requirements. A critical area is extending relay switching life under capacitive transient high inrush current conditions by complying with manufacturers' relay product performance specifications. Capacitors generate high current surges that can adversely affect circuit performance in such applications. These transients, while very brief in nature, can dramatically exceed the steady-state ratings for the contacts in a high-performance electromechanical relay.

Hermetically sealed relays for extreme environments - Product

February 06, 2017
TE Connectivity (TE) designed its CII FC-325 series relay for harsh inductive, motor, and lamp load applications within the aerospace, defense, and marine markets. The CII FC-325 Series is a three-pole, 25 amp, nonlatching, hermetically sealed relay that is all welded, lightweight, and has...

High-performance connectivity for next-generation UAVs - Story

April 14, 2016
Even as high-data-rate copper-based connectivity is evolving, fiber-optic transmission is finding increased use. Creating location-independent architectures means that different subsystems must not be constrained by cabling distances. Optical fibers have the well-known advantages of long transmission distances independent of data rate, noise immunity, and small size/light weight.

Integrated modular and distributed avionics take flight - Story

March 16, 2015
By treating connectivity as a system, aerospace designers can evaluate various tradeoffs - copper versus fiber, types of shielding, cable construction, and the like - to meet requirements for both signal integrity and the environmental and mechanical needs of the application.

SpaceVPX extends the embedded computing standard to meet the special demands of space - Story

December 05, 2014
Space vehicles, whether manned or unmanned, have traditionally relied on custom embedded computing systems. Since standard systems were not designed with space applications in mind, they did not address the critical issues of space flight, such as outgassing, "tin whiskers," redundancy, and ruggedness. Designers and engineers, however, recognize the benefits of using well-established, standardized, open-architecture platforms to create a diverse ecosystem offering more choices, lower costs, and reduced risk. The availability of space-centric standardized platforms brings the advantages of a competitive environment, lower development costs, and higher reliability.

TE Connectivity announces new nickel PTFE plating for connectors to reduce cadmium use - News

October 03, 2014
HARRISBURG, PA. TE Connectivity has announced a new RoHS-compliant nickel polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plating for its DEUTSCH standard MIL-DIL-38999 Series III connectors. In addition to TE’s black zinc nickel plating, the PTFE plating is also in compliance with new environmental regulations to reduce the use of cadmium.

TE Connectivity switches from cadmium plating to black zinc nickel for backshells and connectors - News

September 12, 2014
HARRISBURG, Pa. TE Connectivity is now providing RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)-compliant black zinc nickel plating for backshells and connectors to reduce the use of cadmium, per new environmental regulations.