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Can Agile environments accelerate embedded software verification and certification? - Blog

January 27, 2015
CODE QUALITY BLOG: Although Agile development is being adopted by most software development organizations, most embedded developers, especially those seeking certification, continue to resist using Agile methodologies. Developers perceive more risks with an iterative Agile approach versus the traditionally regimented methodologies and artifacts required to achieve certification. Specific concerns stem from how requirements are captured in an Agile process, and how the test early-and-often principles of Agile development can be fulfilled prior to the embedded systems hardware being available.

CODE QUALITY BLOG: Is 100 percent code coverage analysis essential? - Blog

November 19, 2014
CODE QUALITY BLOG: Safety-critical software standards focus very highly on how to test software effectively. They state that effective software testing requires a disciplined approach in which code coverage is used to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the testing to date. The level of testing rigor applied to a system must be driven by the impact of a system failure. The more significant the consequences, the more rigorous the testing has to be.

Tool suite automates software verification, standards compliance - Product

November 16, 2014
Designers of safety-critical systems continue to look for ways to achieve full verification and even certification of multicore systems in a cost-effective manner as they are driven more and more by requirements to reduce size, weight, and power. LDRA experts are helping in this area with...

CODE QUALITY BLOG: Is code coverage analysis necessary? - Blog

October 20, 2014
CODE QUALITY BLOG: When programmers discuss testing, a question that often comes up is how much is enough? Do I need to get 100 percent coverage? Let’s first address the elephant in the room: it’s impossible to fully test a piece of software. Don’t believe me? A 100-line program described by Glennford Myers in the 1976 book "Software Reliability: Principles and Practices" had as many as 1018 unique paths. In reality when you realize that contemporary software often exceeds hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lines of code and you quickly realize how impractical it is to completely test a piece of software.

What's needed to ensure safety and security in UAV software - Story

July 31, 2013
UAVs are not like the remote control stunt plane you unwrapped on your 10th birthday. In their different guises they can be found in civil airspace or flying as integral players in military missions. That makes unmanned systems? safety and security very serious considerations. Accordingly, ISO 14508 and DO-178 could prove helpful in perpetuating safety and security for unmanned systems. Software tools that automate the processes required by these certification standards are easing the burden.