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EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Crystal Group Rugged Compute Solutions on Display at DSEI

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August 31, 2023

Visit Crystal Group at H8-429 to see how our integrated rugged compute solutions enable interoperability, fail-safe performance, and real-time AI inference at the tactical edge. With the increased power, speed, and accuracy our systems provide, missions can be executed with unmatched urgency, agility, and precision in the most demanding, time-sensitive situations.

RS1004L21X2 rugged twin server. This server packs twice the computing performance in a 1U rugged server. This compact, powerful solution is critical for successful execution of combat, sonar, ISR, and electronic warfare applications in extreme and unpredictable environments across all domains, including cyber. The integrated design consolidates system availability, superior cooling, and shock/vibe resistance into a smaller footprint that fits easily into standard rack slots.

RCS7850-32Q rugged network switch. Equipped with 32 QSFP-28 ports, this switch uses fiber optics to deliver transmission speeds of 100Gb. When needed, up to 12 of these switches can be stacked for easy management and an aggregated bandwidth of up to 9.6Tb per second.

RE0412 rugged embedded computer. Designed to be easily configurable, this embedded system boasts advanced thermal management and a carbon fiber chassis, are field-tested to withstand shock and vibration, extended temperature ranges, harsh elements and environments.

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