Military Embedded Systems

Topic: 5G

How private cellular can streamline military base operations

November 20, 2023

5G, the fifth generation of wireless communication technology, promises faster data speeds, plus 5G could also revolutionize the accuracy of location services, including GPS. The key lies in the higher frequency bands that 5G operates on, known as millimeter waves. These waves have a shorter range but higher capacity, enabling more precise location tracking. Currently, 4G LTE networks provide location accuracy to within 10 to 500 meters, depending on the density of cell towers. In contrast, 5G technology can potentially pinpoint a device’s location to within a meter, thanks to its higher frequency bands and advanced beamforming technology. Moreover, 5G networks are designed to support a vast number of devices within a small area. This high device density can contribute to improved location accuracy. With more devices connected in a given area, the network can triangulate a device’s position more accurately. This is particularly beneficial in dense or urban areas, where buildings often interfere with GPS signals, leading to inaccuracies.