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AoC3U-210The AoC3U-210 is a robust packaging solution intended for use in sensor applications at the tactical edge where high speed processing systems with RF and optical I/O capabilities are deployed in EW / ISR / radar operations.  Designed for SWaP constrained installations, the chassis addresses deployment scenarios where functional requirements intersect with space limitations and where harsh environments are the norm. The chassis supports dual 3U VPX or SOSA aligned payload cards with high speed connectivity for 10GbE, RF and optical interfaces. It is powered by a VITA 62 power supply and LCR’s design team will work with you to create custom backplanes with profiles supporting the selected board set for the end application. LCR offers leading edge integration know how so your AoC3U-210 can be delivered custom configured including the board set of your choosing ready for your application. The customizable I/O panel enables variations of connectors for application specific signal requirements. For test and demonstration, consider our RTS-210 Rapid Rugged Deployment System.

The chassis is ideally suited for software defined radio / RF tuner content as well as new RFSoC board designs for 3U VPX. It is intended for sensor systems in C5ISR applications where programs mandate SOSA aligned plug in payload cards in accordance with the DoD hardware and software convergence initiative. The AoC3U-210 is a VITA 48.2 conduction cooled chassis with air assist and incorporates a dual high cfm fan bank for optimal heat dissipation. 

At LCR, our experienced and engaging engineering team will work with you to ensure mission success and LCR program managers are experienced professionals who provide highly effective management from program start to finish.

  • High speed processing and signal I/O at the tactical edge
  • Compact light weight design for SWaP sensitive applications
  • Rugged construction for optimal performance in extreme environments
  • Custom I/O panel with high speed RF, copper and optical signal options
  • Custom backplanes for SOSA aligned and VPX boards with VITA 66 and 67 apertures

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