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LCR Embedded Systems
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High-speed VPX backplane design practices - Story

July 26, 2023

Precision-engineered VPX backplanes designed to the toughest performance standards are essential for the high-speed signal demands prevalent in today’s defense applications. Backplanes are indeed the communication backbones in embedded systems and must be designed to stringent signal integrity standards to ensure timely and accurate data transmission from module to module within a system. For payloads aligned to VPX and SOSA [Sensor Open Systems Architecture] standards, high signal integrity is critical to enable fail-safe operation as systems move to higher serial bit rates supporting 100G-baseKR4 Ethernet, PCIe Gen 4 protocols, and beyond. 


SAVE Compliant Chassis Solutions - Eletter Product

May 25, 2023

Enabling SAVE Compliance in Army Ground Vehicles


Develop, Demonstrate, Deploy - Eletter Product

May 08, 2023

VPX System Realization from Initial Design to Deployment


VPX Benchtop and 19” Development Platforms - Eletter Product

April 07, 2023

Starting the Journey to VPX System Realization


Streamlining VPX Development for Reduced Time to Deployment - Eletter Product

February 02, 2023

VPX system integration and testing is complex and requires a versatile development platform.