Military Embedded Systems

Polarized antenna array integrated at the Ka-Band to enhance 5G connectivity


May 04, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

TiaLinx photo.

LAKE FOREST, Calif. TiaLinx, Inc., developer of highly integrated wireless systems, announced implementation of its planar programmable polarized antenna technology at the Ka-band. The small footprint antenna element has been integrated with the switch and phase shifter to address a fully integrated planar programmable polarized cell with beamsteering capability in an antenna array (P3BA2).


According to the company, P3BA2 cell is a micro module that can be expanded to 32x32 tiles as elements of a ground terminal connectivity with communication satellites or front-end modules for radar applications. P3BA2 is also designed to enhance the coverage and quality of 5G and beyond ultra high-data rate wireless links.

The patented wafer-scale beamforming technology of TiaLinx and its planar antenna arrays are intended to enable scanning with fine lateral resolution, aiming to enhance the connectivity of the users to satellite links or 5G cell clusters.

The company also claims that signal processing with polarization capabilities has shown suppressing radio wave scattering in a cluttered environment, while the advanced embedded lens antenna aims to provide the user with the ability to obtain ultra-fast, multi-band, multi-beam access.


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