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Dual Payload Rapid Rugged Test System

RTS-210The RTS-210 meshes functional and environmental testing in a development chassis that is deployment capable. Designed for in vehicle use, it allows functional testing and demonstration at or near application-level environments. A front expansion module provides access to the development backplane and discrete I/O panel connectors, allowing I/O and backplane profile layout using Meritec cabling.

The design enables streamlined transition from development to deployment when the expansion module is replaced with the custom I/O front panel and backplane containing the application specific profile. A first in the industry, the RTS-210 allows system integrators to move system development efforts from the lab to field quickly.

The chassis accommodates 2 VPX / SOSA aligned payload boards plus a single VITA 62 power supply slot. It is supplied with a front expansion module that provides easy access for integrators to install Meritec cables for testing. The chassis is SWaP optimized with sizing that reflects typical mounting space for 2 slot systems. The main section of the chassis, apart from the expansion module, is designed to meet full mil specifications for deployed air and ground assets. It is an air over conduction cooled design intended for VITA 48.2 conduction cooled modules. 

The RTS-210 offers backplane versions supporting four different VPX / SOSA payload modules in three different dual slot combinations (plus VITA 62 PSU slot). The rugged design allows testing on land, air and sea assets.

  • Vehicle mounted testing
  • Transition platform from bench top to the onset of deployment
  • Enables field demonstrations and testing
  • Supports dual SOSA aligned modules plus VITA 62 power supply
  • Cooling for up to 175W of total power

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