Military Embedded Systems

New friend-or-foe identification sensor tech to be delivered to Norway


July 08, 2022

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Graphic via Hensoldt

TAUFKIRCHEN, Germany. Sensor company Hensoldt will deliver upgraded Identification-Friend-or-Foe (IFF) technology to Norwegian armed forces as part of a contract worth $15 million, the company said in a statement.

Hensoldt will deliver MSSR 2000 ID secondary radars and LTR400 DNG transponders, including cryptographic and test equipment.

"The IFF systems working according to the latest Mode 5 NATO standard will be integrated into land installations in order to improve their ability to distinguish friendly from hostile forces," the company stated.

The IFF systems, also known as secondary surveillance radars (SSR), automatically send interrogation signals to aircraft in the area, which the friendly aircraft respond to via their on-board transponders. Mode 5 uses stronger encryption than Mode 4 to avoid signal manipulation from an adversary, the statement notes.

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