Military Embedded Systems

Hypersonic solutions and space systems development goals of new acquisition


September 24, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

DALLAS, Texas and LOS ANGELES, Calif. The senior leadership team of Systima Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Karman Missile & Space Systems backed by Trive Capital, the Dallas-based private equity firm to deliver more comprehensive solutions to its customers in the space and hypersonic markets.

According to officials, the acquisition of Systima represents the fifth transaction Trive has completed in the last 12 months in building the Karman platform and strategy dedicated to space and hypersonic system infrastructure.

Systima claims the company can integrate energetic and mechanical systems into the structural design of mission critical space or hypersonic systems. Energetic technology utilizes specialized materials, such as propellants, to create separation and deployment in space launch vehicles and hypersonic platforms.

The company also claims that one of the fastest growing product lines for Systima is high performance composite structures using high temperature materials for missile and launch platforms. Systima employs composite manufacturing techniques and utilizes proven resin formulations, fibers, and ply materials.


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