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Elma SureLock Expanding PCB Card Retainers

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The SureLock is a multi-segment, extruded aluminum retaining device that secures printed circuit boards in place when mounted directly to the board and slid into a channel in the cold plate. A simple turn of a screw enables the SureLock to expand and securely hold the card assembly in place. The design facilitates conduction cooling by transferring heat from a circuit card to a cold plate or the extruded side walls of an enclosure. Available in three different expansion sizes: .480", .325", and .290".


  • Available in 3 different expansion sizes – guaranteed expansion to .290", .325" or .480" minimum
  • Uniform retention force across entire length protects cards under extreme shock and vibration
  • Light weight design offers superior thermal transfer
  • Body and wedge alignment maintained for easy insertion
  • Captivated rear wedge
  • Options include choice of hex drive sizes and finishes
  • DFARS specialty metals compliant (in native state)

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