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Is open delaying the future of cognitive computing? - Story

September 17, 2014
Open systems have the intended and unintended consequence of delaying innovation in computing. While industry players agree to standardize and build complex systems that eventually become useful products, this process can be lengthier than a single organization working alone.

OpenVPX 40-gigabit switch fabric module - Product

July 28, 2014
With the sensor chain in mind, engineers at Mercury Systems in Chelmsford, Mass., designed the Ensemble SFM6104 Switch Fabric Module with enhanced InfiniBand and 40 Gigabit Ethernet capability.

Naval SIGINT application to use RF and IF devices from Mercury Systems - News

July 08, 2014
CHELMSFORD, Mass. – July 7, 2014 – Mercury Systems, Inc., won $4.4 million in orders from an unnamed defense prime contractor for their advanced radio frequency (RF) microwave tuner and intermediate frequency (IF) devices for a naval signals intelligence (SIGINT) application.

$1.5 million U.S. Navy order given to Mercury Systems for DRFM jammers - News

June 19, 2014
CHELMSFORD, MA. The U.S. Navy gives Mercury Defense Systems a $1.5 million order for advanced Digital RF Memory (DRFM) jammers to fulfill both U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force requirements.

Mercury Systems receives order for DSP modules for unmanned SAR applications - News

April 17, 2014
CHELMSFORD, MA. Mercury Systems, Inc. has received a $3.2 million follow-on order for high-performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) modules for unmanned Surveillance Aperture Radar (SAR) applications. The DSP modules are expected to be shipped by the third quarter in fiscal 2015.

Common EW and radar systems for emerging military missions - Story

January 29, 2014
Due to shrinking Department of Defense (DoD) budgets and ever-decreasing platform size, the need to use common apertures and sensor chain elements for Electronic Warfare (EW) and radar systems is becoming a necessity. System developers must use common elements from Radio Frequency (RF) to processing to build such systems. The linchpin of these types of sensor-based systems is the I/O interface between the RF and processing elements. FPGAs have traditionally been used as this I/O interface, but now they are serving as an integral part of the processing subsystem on common EW radar systems.

Mercury Systems announces Ethernet-based OpenVPX HPEC subsystems - News

November 15, 2013
CHELMSFORD, MA. Mercury Systems has announced its new Ethernet protocols for cluster computing, switched fabrics, and sensor I/O used in OpenVPX-based High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) subsystems.