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Semiconductor supply-chain challenges - Story

September 13, 2021

Military suppliers, being essential businesses, weathered the pandemic and economic shutdowns admirably thanks to strong defense funding. Yet even this stalwart industry is feeling the ill effects of the global chip shortage and the consequences of its reliance on offshore semiconductor manufacturing. The U.S. government is committed to returning chip production to the States, but whether that move will be enough and in time to save the industry is yet to be determined.


Raising the bar for security needs: What does "secure boot" really mean? - Story

July 08, 2010
Embedded boot code security is an important area of vulnerability analysis being investigated by technology providers. After adding a digital signature or authentication step, however, marketing immediately labels the solution "secure boot." It is time to examine what secure boot_ really means, and how to grade secure boot technologies against the security risks in end systems. Key considerations include what is being protected and how, secure boot capabilities available, matching requirements to capabilities and claims, and open standards efforts.

Adding trust to an embedded system with a secure anchor point - Story

December 23, 2009
Keeping unwanted components and malware out of embedded systems requires monitoring of both the supply chain and systems in operation. The secure anchor point is a solution to the second half of this equation; it offers the capability to monitor systems in operation by becoming the root of trust in an embedded system.