Military Embedded Systems

Nano-RISE data-storage systems designed for airborne applications


March 20, 2019

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

The Ampex nano-RISE family of data-storage systems are designed for rugged environments, including manned and unmanned vehicle applications. It is a modular solution that consists of three parts: The nano-R Intelligent Storage Elements (ISEs), the nano-R Deck, and the nano-R Controller. The nano-R ISEs are the core of the system; they insert into the nano-R deck and work in conjunction with other ISEs in the deck, with each ISE providing standalone or collaborative capabilities. Each ISE can include storage, a processor, and a video encoder or other specialty devices. Each ISE has intelligence to encode, format, store, stream, and share up to two channels of HD video while acting as a file server.

The nano-R Deck is the hub for the nano-R ISE system, which contains the power supply, the USB-to-network interface and an embedded switch, the video-conversion logic, and slots for one or more nano-R ISE modules. Additionally, the nano-R controller is a detachable touch-screen handset that can run Windows 10 or Android. When running Windows, commodity software can be used with the system to view embedded KLV metadata within the video streams. The nano-R controller can be detached and used remotely through WiFi and an optional battery.



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