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Global Market Segment Manager

Rohde & Schwarz

Tim Fountain is the Global Market Segment Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, where he is responsible for the radar and electronic warfare segment. Tim has more than 30 years of experience with market leaders in the test & measurement industry, focusing on RF and microwave applications in aerospace/defense. Tim holds a master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from University of Hertfordshire (U.K.) In his spare time Tim likes to fly and is an instrument-rated private pilot.

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Improving the capabilities of cognitive radar and EW systems - Story

February 08, 2022

With today’s emerging threats, traditional approaches to radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems that utilize static threat libraries are vulnerable to "mode-agile" or wartime reserve modes (WARM) threats operating in nontraditional modes. Use of a closed-loop integrated record, analysis & playback system (IRAPS)-based hardware-in-the-loop/software-in-the-loop (HIL/SIL) system is an excellent testbed to train, evaluate, and improve the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) algorithms that are needed to implement the next generation of cognitive radar and EW systems and protect lives and assets against unknown threats.

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