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Static analysis exposes latent defects in legacy software - Story

February 11, 2013
Static analysis tools can help find concurrency and other defects to cut legacy's latency.

Symbolic execution techniques identify vulnerabilities in safety-critical code - Story

March 07, 2012
Multicore processors are becoming increasingly popular in safety-critical applications because they offer significant price and performance improvements. However, writing multithreaded applications for multicore hardware is notoriously difficult and could result in catastrophic failures. The following describes symbolic execution techniques for identifying issues including data races ? one of the most common concurrency defects ? and how static analysis can help developers find and eliminate them.

Domain-specific property checking with advanced static analysis - Story

February 17, 2011
Advanced static analysis tools are well known for being good at finding generic defects in programs. They can also be extended by end users to find domain-specific errors unique to a particular application, thanks to customized property checkers.
Articles 1 - 3