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DO-178C brings modern technology to safety-critical software development - Story

March 07, 2012
Avionics software technology has improved by leaps and bounds since DO-178B was introduced in 1992. DO-178C will bring safety-critical software development into the modern era, adding support for advanced techniques such as UML and mathematical modeling, object-oriented programming, and formal methods. The ready availability of third-party tools, platforms, and certification services will hasten the adoption and deployment of DO-178C.

Legacy code in the security-critical age - Story

July 08, 2008
The cost and convenience advantages of legacy code reuse can be diminished or complicated when security and safety-critical risks are considered. If the legacy code is proven to be functionally correct and operationally viable, its acceptance is based on an assumption of what is expected to happen. However, it is the unexpected that typically causes faults, and structural testing provides a means of mitigating the unexpected.
Articles 1 - 2