Military Embedded Systems

Data analysis task order won by CGI for DIA intelligence processing


October 05, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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FAIRFAX, Va. CGI has won a $100 million Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Data Transformation of Foundational Military Intelligence (DTMI) task order to evolve the way the DIA processes its intelligence, military, and infrastructure data.

The company claims it will aim to provide analysts with optimized data to evaluate, document, and integrate the agency's Foundational Military Intelligence (FMI) in order to enable the Department of Defense to make more informed decisions in a scalable technology environment.

CGI officials claim the company will leverage its experience in delivering solutions to the DIA to provide an understanding of how to gather and model FMI data to help analysts maximize foundational intelligence analysis.

As part of this contract, CGI will partner with the DIA to create a transition database for the Modernized Integrated Database that is compatible with the agency's transition to the Machine-Assisted Rapid-Repository System (MARS). Officials claim the transition database will initially serve to host and stage the transformed data until applied to MARS mission modules or until the MARS data environment can take over that functionality.


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