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EXHIBITOR PROFILE: Rugged computing and anti-tamper solutions from Crystal Group featured at AUSA

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October 05, 2023

Visit Crystal Group at booth 2542 at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington to see how our integrated rugged compute solutions enable interoperability, fail-safe performance, and real-time AI inference at the tactical edge. With the increased power, speed, and accuracy our systems provide, missions can be executed with unmatched urgency, agility, and precision in the most demanding, time-sensitive situations.

RE3423M rugged sealed server. High-performance compute in a completely sealed chassis. The RE3423M is designed to meet the IP67 water and dust ingress protection levels with up to 220 watts of combined CPU and GPU power without sacrificing performance at 65°C. This purpose designed chassis enables demanding applications to be deployed into harsh elements and extreme environments. The custom internal heatsinks developed for the RE3423M allow industry leading operation for mission equipment in high temperature environments. The RE3423M is currently configured with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and NVIDIA professional graphics card for high reliability in the field. Crystal Group’s embedded computer systems align with industry processor roadmaps to ensure access to the latest in long life, powerful processors.

Tamper and Zeroization Response (TAZR™) Embedded Device. Embedded tamper detection, zeroization, and sanitization functionality. The TAZR™ embedded device adds critical functionality to Crystal Group’s modular products, with a first-of-its-kind data security and sanitization function. When integrated into a system, TAZR proactively protects against attackers by neutralizing sensitive data before it can be compromised. Adaptable ability to meet your security requirements such as NIST, OPSEC, and/or JSIG guidelines.

RE2500 Series Portable Workstation Computer. Compute platform in a carry-on case. Failsafe and long-life performance in extreme conditions, the RE2500 is housed in an integrated, protected, and waterproof case for easy transportation. It has flexible configuration options with up to four removable drives (SSD) and one non-removable OS drive. The current configuration supports up to 30TB raw data. It is a cybersecurity complaint workstation, which can be declassified by removing the drives or flipping the zeroization switch.

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