Military Embedded Systems

U.S. and Spain collaborate to complete Aegis Weapon System test


July 26, 2016

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

U.S. and Spain collaborate to complete Aegis Weapon System test

WASHINGTON. The U.S. Navy and Spanish navy completed a series of air defense exercises ending with a live-fire missile test using the Aegis Weapon System baseline on July 20-21. The USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) participated in the first Combat Systems Ship Qualification Trial event with a foreign ship, the Spanish frigate Cristobol Colon (F 105).

Using an E-2 Hawkeye aircraft during the demonstrations, the ships shared a common tactical picture using the Aegis AN/SPY-1 radar and Tactical Data Links. Spanish Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jaime Muñoz-Delgado and Minister of Defense Pedro Morenes were aboard Cristobal Colon during the live fire events.

Arleigh Burke also demonstrated Aegis Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) and Area Defense (AD) detect-to-engage performance against various subsonic anti-ship cruise missile targets. In addition to live missile firing events, Tactical Data Link interoperability exercises were held on July 12-14.


Cmdr. Tom Myers, commanding officer of Arleigh Burke states, “while our combat systems suites are slightly different, the way we operate and execute missions are quite similar.” He goes on to state that this is a good opportunity to deepen the operational relationship with Spanish allies and enhance interoperability.

"The complex, multi-participant interoperability testing between DDG 51, F 105, land based test sites, E-2C, and E-2D aircraft, as well as challenging IAMD and AD test scenarios demonstrate the impressive capability of the Aegis Combat System that is delivered to the hands of our Sailors," says Capt. Todd Boehm, major program manager for Aegis Fleet Readiness.

The Aegis Common Source Library - established by the Aegis Baseline 9 development efforts - enables software reuse and standards across all modern Aegis Combat system configurations. This allows for the Aegis Common Source Library the use of common tactical software in configurations including: air defense cruisers, IAMD destroyers and new construction IAMD destroyers, and Aegis Ashore.

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