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Interface Concept releases new ComEth4682e 3U VPX Ethernet switch


August 23, 2023

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

QUIMPER, France. -- Interface Concept introduced the ComEth4682e, a 3U OpenVPX Ethernet switch which is 25/100Gb Ethernet capable and aligned with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Technical Standard. This switch has been developed for high-computing applications, including radar, sensor, electronic warfare, and network processing.

Based on the same design that of the  ComEth4582a, ComEth4590a, and ComEth4591a Ethernet switches, Interface Concept has developed a high performance Layer3 switch with 10/25Gbs and 40/100Gbs Ethernet interfaces, suited to be integrated in modern centralized systems.

The on-board latest generation’s Marvell integrated network processor can separate the control and data planes by software, which enables highly secure 3U VPX systems. The switch features a total of 56 x 25Gbps SerDes: 32 lanes are routed to the rear VPX connectors as 1/10/25Gbs Ethernet ports. They can also be merged into 4-lane fat pipes to obtain eight lanes as 40/100Gbs Ethernet ports. Likewise for the 24 optical fiber ports, they are routed to the front panel (2 MPO connectors) as 1/10/25Gbs Ethernet ports or can be merged in set of four fibers to obtain three lanes as 40/100 Gbs Ethernet ports.

The ComEth4682e is consistent can be remotely configured by the switchware web interface, SNMP, or CLI interfaces.

“The ComEth4682e is a flexible, versatile and cost-effective high speed Ethernet switch solution that will definitely find its place in a huge number of embedded 3U VPX systems, including the ones aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard that may require separate control and data planes ” says Franck Lefèvre, Sales Director at Interface Concept.

Furthermore, the ComEth4682e completes the new stage of Interface Concept's 3U VPX product roadmap, including ARM and Intel-based single board computers as well as FPGA boards. As part of its product policy, Interface Concept offers its boards in various operating temperature ranges, including standard, extended, rugged, and conduction-cooled grades.

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