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Gen 4/5 OpenVPX backplanes introduced by Atrenne Computing Solutions


September 15, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Atrenne photo.

BROCKTON, Mass. Atrenne, A Celestica Company, announced the launch of a new series of Gen-4/5 OpenVPX backplanes. This series is part of Atrenne’s product family that is intended to enable end-to-end solutions for 64/100 Gigabit systems.

Atrenne’s Gen-4/5 OpenVPX backplanes are designed to the signal integrity requirements of PCIe Gen4 and 100GbE (100GBASE-KR4) and aim to offer the high signal integrity (SI).

According to the company, by utilizing full three dimensional electron microscopy (3D EM) field modeling in HFSS to develop highly accurate SI models, areas such as return loss, dielectric loss, skin effect loss, and crosstalk have been stabilized in the backplane design. 

Atrenne’s Gen-4/5 OpenVPX systems operate on high performance VITA 46.30 MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors. The company claims multiple backplane profiles are available, including pass-thru backplanes. Atrenne also designs application-specific configurations to meet individual and custom requirements.


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