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e2v releases extended-reliability mutlicore QorIQ processors


July 16, 2013

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

e2v releases extended-reliability mutlicore QorIQ processors

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA. e2v has released two quad-core, extended-reliability QorIQ processors, the P2041 and P3041. A trust architecture implemented into the processors’ e500mc cores and peripherals allows for high-security designs, and leaded versions of the extended temperature range (-40 ºC – 110 ºC) processors will qualify for military operation (-55 ºC – 125 ºC) by the end of 2013.

Both the P2041 and P3041 processors are manufactured on advanced 45 nm SOI process technology and enclosed in RoHS-compliant packaging. Both processors include four Power Architecture e500mc cores capable of 1.5 GHz clock speeds in the 13 W power range, and are equipped with three levels of memory cache, DDR3/3L memory controllers with ECC, data path acceleration for network processing applications, and a set of high-speed communications peripherals.

The P2041 is a small-footprint processor offered in a 780-ball BGA package that features embedded data path acceleration to simplifying multicore designs. The P3041 comes in a 1295-ball BGA package that is pin- and software-compatible with QorIQ P4 and P5 series processors.

"The QorIQ™ P2041 and P3041 processors provided by e2v will allow high-level computing which will match the requirements in military and civil avionics,” says Eric Marcelot, Marketing Manager, e2v. “The quad core integrated processors from the QorIQ P2 and P3 families are key components to enhance SWaP characteristics of military and aerospace electronics."

Samples of the leaded version of P2041 and P3041 processors are available now.


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