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Curtiss-Wright introduces latest solutions for Defense and Aerospace applications at DSEI 2013


September 10, 2013

Amanda Harvey

Assistant Editor

Military Embedded Systems

LONDON. Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions, Inc. will display its latest products at the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2013 conference in London, UK, at booth #S2-268, September 10-13. Curtiss-Wright is featuring the following (by division):

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technologies:

Compact drive units –

  • Nano Controller 80A: Addresses increasing market demand for single- and multi-axis use, such as for remote weapon stations or ammunition handling systems. Other potential applications include light turret drive systems and control of many types of actuators (missile launchers, telescope devices, etc.). The single-axis controller, including the power electronics for 28V and 1500W motor power, is only 5.4" (135 mm) long, 4.4" (110 mm) wide, and 3.8" (95 mm) high. The configuration and commissioning of each unit is handled via our proprietary “NanoVIEW” Windows®-based software tool.
  • Smart Controller 200A: Addresses the need for sophisticated, cost-effective, high-efficiency drive units in single- and multi-axis applications, such as remote weapon stations or ammunition handling systems. The single-axis controller, including the power electronics for 28 V and 3,000 W motor peak power, is only 3” (76 mm) wide. The configuration and commissioning of each unit is carried out via our proprietary “SmartVIEW” Windows®-based software tool.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions:

SWaP-optimized network switch/vehicle management and rugged GVA-compliant computers –

  • Digital Beachhead™: Rugged Ethernet Switch and Vehicle Management Computer combines a flexible 16-port gigabit Ethernet switch with a multi-core ARM™ based vetronics computer supporting a wide range of vehicle sensor and control interfaces. Curtiss-Wright supplied Vehicle Management Framework software allows fast application development. Small size and low power operation (typ 20 watts) fits a wide range of platforms.
  • GeneVA Solid State Data Processor: GVA-Compliant rugged computer includes the processing power of an Intel® Core™ i7 processor in a compact, small form factor system design. Optimized for size, weight, and power, it offers dual gigabit Ethernet, two isolated CANbus interfaces, and GVA compliant connectors together with optional compass and accelerometer.


Intel-based mission computer –

  • MPMC-9105 Versatile Mission Computer (VMC): Combines latest generation Intel® Core™ i7 (“Ivy Bridge” processor) and extensive I/O connectivity for rugged environments.

Flash storage units and network file servers –

  • VORTEX™ FSM (Flash Storage Module): Non-ITAR, FIPS 140-2 Validated, 3U VPX, Rugged, 1TB removable solid-state storage for Embedded Computing applications.
  • VORTEX™ CNS (Compact Network Storage): Non-ITAR, Rugged Network File Server (NFS) with 2TB of FIPS 140-2 Validated, removable solid-state storage for Mission Recorder applications in Network-Centric Systems.
  • VORTEX™ DTS (Data Transport System): Non-ITAR, Rugged DZUS Network File Server (NFS) for Cockpit Data Loader applications in Network-Centric Systems.

Rugged mission displays and turnkey video management systems –

Curtiss-Wright Avionics & Electronics:

Encrypted voice and flight data recorder –

  • Skyquest AVDU4300 Display: Rugged 17” LCD Mission Display with touchscreen provides full 1080p resolution for the best high definition imagery. Designed specifically for the demands of defense and law enforcement applications.
  • Skyquest AVDU5008 Display with Built-in PC: Rugged 20” HD LCD Mission Display combines Intel® Core™ i7-based embedded processor and touchscreen to reduce cost and SWaP.
  • VRD1-CC Turnkey Video Management System (VMS): Rugged HD-capable VMS for video format conversion, scaling, switching and recording supports 18 video input channels (six each of 3G-SDI, RGB/DVI, CVBS) and 12 video outputs (6 each of 3G-SDI, RGB/DVI).
    • CVR-E: New flight recorder implements CESG-approved encryption algorithms and exceeds ED-112 requirements. The CVR-E combines crash survivability and high-grade encryption of cockpit audio/flight data into a single product.
    • A live demonstration of the CVR-E will take place each day during DSEI 2013 at 10.30am, 11.30 and 2.30pm at the Curtiss-Wright Controls booth (S2-268) to demonstrate its capabilities including CESG Encryption: recording of audio, download, decryption and playback of original audio.


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