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Centauri – PCIe Storage Expansion at the Edge

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PCIe Storage ExpansionCentauri is the latest addition to One Stop Systems’ array of PCIe expansion products, bringing high-capacity storage to the edge, in a compact and rugged enclosure. The 3U system is 8.5” wide and 20” deep, with an aluminum chassis designed to protect it from the rigors of edge applications. In addition, Centauri’s system management software provides temperature monitoring and fan control, allowing it to run in high-temperature environments. Powered by dual CRPS power supplies, it can take input voltages of both 110-220V AC or 48V DC.

With an ever increasing amount of sensor data being recorded at the edge, the need for next generation storage devices has never been higher. With write speeds of up to 64GB/s, Centauri is the ideal storage solution for gathering radar, sonar, FLIR, camera, or any other type of data. In certain edge applications access to a host server may be limited, making it difficult and time consuming to remove and replace the system’s storage. Centauri bypasses this issue by connecting the host server’s storage, up to 3 meters away through Gen 4 PCIe x16 uplink cables. While Centauri has been designed for use with one of OSS’ host servers, it is compatible with a wide range of server motherboards, running on Windows or Linux operating systems. 

Taking advantage of One Stop Systems’ depth of experience in designing expansion products, Centauri makes use of system architecture refined through previous use at the edge. It also leverages the same drive canister design used in One Stop Systems’ 3U SDS, allowing for seamless data transfer between OSS products. A single canister supports up to 128TB of NVMe storage through its eight 2.5” drive slots. When data needs to be transferred to another system, the canister can be removed and replaced without the need for any tools. 

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