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ADAR2001/4Analog Devices announces the release of the ADAR2001, a quad-channel 4x Frequency Multiplier & Filter, designed alongside its twin product the ADAR2004, a quad-channel Rx Mixer, to be used in mmWave security imaging applications operating in the 10 – 40 GHz frequency range. Imagers in this frequency range can implement “walk-through” operation due to the penetration of mmWave frequencies combined with the resolution offered by the wide operating frequency range. 

The ADAR2001 can also be operated as a standalone device for frequency distribution applications and features a 4x Frequency Multiplier with harmonic filters. Each of its 4 switched outputs can be enabled independently or in any desired combination. The ADAR2001 features powerful digital sequencers which can simplify the real-time operation of the outputs (including RF output power equalisation and DC power settings) as well as multiplier harmonic filtering. The sequencer features are particularly useful in scanning applications such as security imagers. Each of the 4 outputs is configured to drive a differential dipole antenna array element with up to 5 dBm output power.

The ADAR2001’s high level of integration is available in a convenient 40-lead LGA package (6x6mm) which can realise significant board-space savings especially when used in large scanning array applications. Another significant advantage is that it reduces the need to distribute mmWave frequency signals on the application board as the frequency conversion is done on-chip, requiring only a 2.5 – 10 GHz LO signal to be fed to each ADAR2001 device.

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