Military Embedded Systems

Universal artillery calculator for land forces


March 20, 2019

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

The universal artillery calculator UKART–2 from WP Group was developed to calculate firing solutions for any type of armament used by the rocket and artillery units of land forces. The key component of the UKART-2 system is specialized software that runs alongside the FCS TOPAZ system. The UKART-2’s main features include the preparation of shooting and fire control using the ammunition implemented with digital ballistic tables. It can coordinate with the combat artillery unit, weather data, and ammunition data that is provided by ballistic tables, as well as the data from the fire-power and fire-support coordination components.

The system is also able to calculate the topography of the area: Users can adjust the settings and target range measurements for each cannon/mortar/launcher firing position and adjust the timer settings. It also uses different types of digital maps such as CADRG [compressed ARC digitized raster graphics], GeoTIFF, MrSID [multiresolution seamless image database], CIB, VPF/SHP, and DTED [digital terrain elevation data]. Visualizations for the user of the tactical situation are based on APP-6A standard symbols.

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