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Rugged Networking and Edge Computing Solutions for Mobile Applications

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Rugged Networking and Edge Computing Solutions for Mobile Applications

Cisco certified rugged, mobile routing and switching plus the packaging and integration know how of Elma Electronic. Elma now offers a range of rugged embedded networking and edge computing systems designed, for deployment in harsh environments. Our NetSys family of products incorporates the reliability and unmatched performance of Cisco’s IOS® Software complemented by Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities. Each system features variations of Cisco Embedded Services routing products including Cisco's board form factor agnostic 5921 software based router or the PCI/104 based 5915 router and 2020 switch for mobile applications. NetSys enables highly secure data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.
Add in the latest generation of Intel CPU and you’ve got a powerhouse edge computing system ready to perform. System packaging ranges from ultra rugged to light industrial to meet the critical need for on-demand network connectivity for defense, homeland-security, and emergency-response applications. Choose from low to high port count configurations or fully configured edge compute platforms that also include leading CPU choices and Gig E ports.


Additional Features

  • Latest generation Intel CPU choices
  • High port count Gig E configurations
  • High capacity removable storage bay
  • Rugged design, IP67 rated
  • MIL-STD-704F & MIL-STD-1275D compliant power supply


  • High ports count allows use in large network infrastructures
  • Radio Aware Routing and Mobile Ad Hoc network support enables fast and secure connectivity for mobile users outside the reach of fixed networks
  • Edge compute capability improves network performance in data intensive applications
  • Cisco IOS software familiarity minimizes training expense

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