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CES - Creative Electronic Systems Presents its Mission and Tactical Computer Family

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CES Mission and Tactical Computers implementing various processing and control functions are available for the most demanding applications. These systems are already installed and qualified for flight on a variety of platforms, including UAVs and manned fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. CES is currently developing its new range of 3U VPX and VITA-74 SFF mission systems, complementing the existing portfolio of 6U VPX, VME and CPCI systems.

Built on top of the CES portfolio of COTS processing and I/O modules, these systems provide a scalable solution for all in-flight processing requirements, including safety-critical control, as well as high-bandwidth video and signal processing with high-capacity storage. The segregated modular hardware and software architecture permits the coexistence of flexible high-performance processing functions with certifiable mission-critical control functionalities within the same enclosure.

All CES mission and tactical systems are optimized for safety and performance within the constraints of the environment, including space, weight and power. These systems are available in both ATR and ARINC-600 enclosures, air-cooled or sealed conduction-cooled, with optional heat exchangers and internal air circulation.

The CES air-cooled ATR mission computer integrates segregated control, communications and video processing applications in a rugged air-cooled ATR enclosure. It features avionic interfaces, including redundant MIL-1553, discrete I/O, serial lines, communication interfaces, such as Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, as well as video compression, on-the-fly analysis and audio transmission.

The CES sealed conduction-cooled mission computer is based on a general-purpose PowerPC processor board. It provides a video output, two Ethernet connections, as well as several avionic interfaces, including discrete inputs and outputs, serial lines, ARINC-429 ports and redundant MIL-1553 interfaces, with empty slots for potential growth.

The CES sealed conduction-cooled tactical computer is built on 6U VPX technology to handle extremely high video I/O requirements. It provides multiple video inputs and outputs, as well as removable solid-state media storage. Several avionic discrete inputs and outputs are available, as well as an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch and multiple serial lines. Cooling is provided via integrated heat pipes and an active heat exchanger with forced airflow.


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