Military Embedded Systems

SOSA aligned 6U processing engines debuted by Curtiss-Wright


August 30, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

CHAMP-XD4 DSP card image courtesy Curtiss-Wright

ASHBURN, Va. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions introduced the CHAMP-XD4 (VPX6-485) and the CHAMP-FX7 engines, among the initial members of the company's new Fabric100 class of SOSA aligned system elements, for use in compute-intensive defense, aerospace, and industrial applications.

The XD4 -- aligned with the SOSA [Sensor Open Systems Architecture] Technical Standard -- is aimed at use in demanding intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system architectures. The company's announcement says that CHAMP-XD4 features dual Intel Xeon D-2700 processors, and can be configured with 12, 16, or 20 cores per device. It is the first Xeon D-2700 module to support four 100 GbE fabric connections and 32 lanes of Gen4 PCIe, as well as four banks of memory per processor, which the company states will enable users to take full advantage of the extended core capability of the Xeon D-2700 processors without being restricted by memory or I/O bottlenecks. Data security is addressed with an AMD MPSoC FPGA device that provides enhanced security functionality.

The FX7 -- which the company calls its highest-performance user programmable real-time processing module -- is designed to ingest extremely large quantities of digital sensor data over optical fibers for wide bandwidth, latency-sensitive parallel signal processing applications.The FX7 Adaptive SoC devices support up to 64 lanes of VITA 66.5 fiber-optic connectivity directly to the backplane and are rated at up to 28 Gbps/lane to support extremely demanding deployable electronic warfare (EW), radar, and signals intelligence applications. The module also supports alternate cooling mechanisms such as air flow-through (AFT) and liquid flow-through (LFT). The rugged, SOSA aligned FX7 is available in a conduction-cooled 6U VPX form factor with two-level maintenance covers.


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