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Acroamatics, Inc. Launches 2628AP QUAD Stream PCM Format Simulator

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June 15, 2022

Acroamatics, Inc., a Delta Information Systems Company, is pleased to announce The 2628AP Real-time Quad Stream PCM Format Simulator Series which includes fourth generation low-latency multi-stream telemetry data simulation, advanced TMoIP format data ingest and clock/data output, and optional PCM format validation, record, and test functions. The 2628AP is light enough to support portable operations with ease, yet rugged enough to withstand rigorous shipboard and field mobile applications.

What sets the Acroamatics’ Simulator apart from other options on the market:

- Compatible with Acroamatics’ TDP Product Line

- Flexible hardware configuration (from 1-4 independent simulators) - Supports user-programmed stream rates exceeding 50 Mbps

- Performs in any of four operating modes; User Defined Stored Format Mode, Stored Format Dynamic User Data Mode (or ‘UDF’ User Data FIFO dynamic select data insertion mode), ‘Sim-Encoded Data’ recorded file streaming mode (i.e. from Acroamatics TDP or Chpt 10 PCM recorded file), or API user defined data file mode.

- Delivered with your choice of Windows 10 or LINUX RedHat OS, Acroamatics’ OS application independent low-latency card embedded simulation process guarantee that users will have robust, Windows application independent real-time format simulation and format validation to meet the most complex telemetry ground station format and mission simulation projects.

“In telemetry, it’s curcial that critical mission data processing hardware and software are thoroughly tested to assure safety of flight and confirm critical data validation processes function flawlessly,” said Gary Thom, President of Acroamatics, Inc “Acroamatics telemetry format simulators ensure that we are able to emulate a variety of likely flight scenarios to validate procedures, effectively train operational personnel, and de-bug range acquisition and processing systems."

About Delta Information Systems, Inc.

Delta Information Systems, Inc. is a strategic collection of closely related businesses in the aerospace and defense industry. Delta is organized into two business areas. The Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Mission Systems Business Area consists of Delta Digital Video (DDV) and Ampex Data Systems Corporation (ADSC).

ADSC is a legendary supplier of ruggedized Airborne Recording, Processing and Network Data Storage systems used in Flight Test, ISR and Mission applications. Ampex designs, develops, and manufactures a full line of IRIG106 Chapter 10 Solid-State recorder systems, Network File Servers, and family of mission recorders that support the world’s leading commercial and military aircraft manufacturers.

DDV produces video compression and video scan conversion products for aerospace, defense, law enforcement and remote monitoring applications. A key product area is rugged airborne video compression units used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The Aerospace Telemetry Business Area consists of GDP Space Systems (GDP), Acroamatics, Inc., and Wideband Systems, Inc (WSI). GDP produces data acquisition, distribution conversion and test products for flight test and satellite command and control applications. GDP has supported high profile programs such as the JPL Mars Rover programs by supplying extreme performance receivers which recover data and images returned from Mars.

Acroamatics produces advanced data processing and display systems with a primary expertise in real time, low latency Telemetry Data Processing and Display Systems. Acroamatics’ products are uniquely suited for aircraft and missile flight test, launch monitoring and range safety applications.

Wideband Systems designs and manufactures sophisticated recording instruments for the aerospace, communications, and intelligence marketplace. We specialize in custom designed recording systems as well as provide standard, off-the-shelf recording products satisfying a wide range of demanding requirements.

Delta Information Systems is committed to producing high quality, defect free products and has a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO9000:2015/AS9100D.

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