Military Embedded Systems

Situational awareness radio systems in development with Leonardo DRS


June 10, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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ARLINGTON, Va. Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced that it is providing next-generation joint-service situational awareness radio systems for U.S. military customers and allied nations. The next-generation Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT-NG) will aim to upgrade legacy systems currently in operation on air, land, and sea platforms across all Joint Forces.

According to the company, new JTT-NG systems are being produced by the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business, and orders can be placed through the Joint Tactical Terminal contract vehicle from the Joint Tactical Terminal program office.

The JTT-NG two-way beyond line-of-sight communications system is designed to improve on the previous version by providing more capabilities and a more than 60 percent reduction in size and weight.

Its battlespace awareness capability communicates threat, survivor, and Blue Force Tracking reports daily, and is the only modular Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) receive and transmit terminal available in the market, the company claims. 


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