Military Embedded Systems

EW, comms tech displayed by General Dynamics at AUSA


October 10, 2023

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

EW, comms tech displayed by General Dynamics at AUSA
Image courtesy General Dynamics

WASHINGTON, D.C. General Dynamics Mission Systems introduced a range of different technologies designed to enhance warfare capabilities and improve communication in contested environments at the Association of the United States Army's annual trade show this week.

One of the technologies was the Guidance Electronics Unit (GEU), an integrated hardware-software solution for precision-guided munitions in harsh conditions that is designed to withstand severe shocks, vibrations, and centrifugal force, according to the company.

Also, the company showcased its HALO Assured PNT solution, which is designed for the tactical ground vehicle fleet, particularly in GPS-challenged scenarios. It aims to counteract adversaries' ability to interfere with GPS reception using alternative sensors and technologies. The company says they intend to make the technology production-ready by 2024.

Shadowcat Radio focuses on squad-level communications in hostile settings by enhancing the resilience of the communication channels and reducing the chances of interference, jamming, and other adversarial attempts to disrupt transmissions.

The Prophet Enhanced Signals Processing (ESP) is designed for near-real-time tactical signals intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities. The ESP system can also operate at extended distances, utilizing a wideband beyond-line-of-sight capability, the company says.

Lastly, the Tactical Electronic Warfare System Infantry Brigade Combat Team (TEWS-I) was created to provide electronic support and attack options, along with capabilities for detection, identification, and countering of enemy communication systems.

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