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Cockpit display multi-touch development tool, VAPS XT 4.1, released by Presagis


April 07, 2015

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

MONTREAL. Presagis officials released the company's next-generation software for Human Machine Interface (HMI) development, dubbed VAPS XT 4.1. The new version has a new multi-touch and gesture development framework that was designed via close work with major airframe manufacturers for use in avionics cockpit displays.

VAPS XT 4.1 allows human factors experts and HMI designers to quickly build and test new cockpit interactions and cut down on the need for redesign in the later development stages. A library of predefined, commonly-used gestures (swipe, tap, zoom, pinch, and more) also allows designers to get started rapidly and reduce the amount of hand coding necessary for implementing gesture recognition on desktop prototypes and on the final embedded platform.

The multi-touch and gesture recognition solution is platform independent and may be deployed to various platforms such as phones, tablets, desktop PCs, and embedded platforms.

The new release also features a performance monitoring tool that allows visual profiling of an application, making it easy to rapidly identify and optimize performance problem areas early in the development process. Additionally, a more modular porting layer was introduced to maximize reuse of code across different embedded hardware platforms and reduce recertification time and costs.

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