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Global aircraft antenna market to see heavy growth in next few years: report


August 25, 2022

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

DUBLIN, Ireland. A new report predicts that the global market for aircraft anntennas will increase from $461.7 million in 2022 to $618.2 million by 2026 for a compound annaul growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6%.

The report, from Research and Markets, states that the importance of antennas "as an enabler for high-speed connectivity is increasing, leading to the evolution of new antenna technologies.

"Presently, antennas denote the major bottleneck and researchers are working to address the issue by improving their capacity, while reducing the footprint of the antennas," the report continues. "Electronically Steerable Antennas are a new technology that aim to drastically reduce the size of the antenna, for improved reliability."

Additionally, the market will benefit from the growing adoption of unmanned aircraft, as they play a key role in helping drones communicate with satellites or ground control stations, the report states.