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A volatile supply chain: What is in your future? - Story

October 07, 2014
Defense programs are growing in complexity. Not only are programs becoming more complicated, but the supply chain has become volatile and difficult to navigate.

Reviewing DMSMS 2013: Collaboration brings new beginnings - Blog

March 25, 2014
Hurricane Isaac’s interruption of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) 2012 and subsequent rescheduling instigated the pairing of DMSMS with the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) for the 2013 event, located in Kissimmee, FL and hosted by the Navy. Bringing together these two complementary aspects of Department of Defense (DoD) operations created a unique opportunity for raising cross-disciplinary collaborations. Looking back, the pairing of DMSMS and DMC is a natural progression. The overlap of the two conferences provided a logical platform for discussion around balancing affordability and obsolescence risk amongst active defense programs: a threat currently facing every facet of the military's manufacturing and sustainment mission.

Four obsolescence management myths that kill defense programs - Story

September 10, 2013
In the face of relentless budget cuts, defense programs face system life cycles lasting longer than originally anticipated. By the time a ship or plane is decommissioned, it has often been in use decades beyond its original life expectancy. When warfighter programs are affected by aging, unreliable products, or lack of funding for spare boards and system repairs, our troops aren?t getting the support they need. In a climate of Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) programs, budget cuts, sequestration, COTS obsolescence, and increased counterfeit risks, proactive obsolescence management needs a refresh just as much as many defense systems do, but sometimes myths about obsolescence hold organizations back from taking a more proactive approach to obsolescence.

Obsolete components: What is the COTS life cycle costing you? - Story

December 05, 2012
Now more than ever, long-lasting embedded systems require proactive obsolescence management. Because of growing legislative and environmental requirements and shrinking budgets, program managers and sustainment teams are forced to take another look at COTS end-of-life-cycle costs - and how to avoid them. A proactive obsolescence management solution is the key.
Articles 1 - 4