Military Embedded Systems

AI-based combat medical assistant project being developed by Raytheon BBN and DARPA


May 06, 2022

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Raytheon BBN graphic.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. A team led by engineers at Raytheon BBN and joined by scientists from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will develop an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Medical Assistance, Guidance, Instruction and Correction (MAGIC) that endeavors to assist combat field medics in 50 medical skills applied during common procedures. 

According to the announcement of the project, the MAGIC tool aims to enable medics to focus their efforts using AI and augmented-reality technology; provide real-time, hands-free guidance for 50 different medical procedures; and increase proficiency and help reduce treatment errors in challenging environments.

MAGIC will use DARPA's Perceptually-enabled Task Guidance program’s AR goggles, which direct the AI to use visual and audible sensors to track tasks and guide field medics in performing procedures: The integrated cameras of the AR goggles observe the users' actions, and then the AI verifies that the steps are followed correctly, providing assistance when needed using either auditory suggestions or visual overlays in the headset. 

Raytheon-BBN has joined with with Valkyries Austere Medical Solutions (Anniston, Alabama) for this work.

Initial demonstration of the MAGIC tool is planned in 18 months.

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