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Sponsored by: Tundra and VMETRO
Feb 28, 2007 2PM EDT (15 years, 8 months ago)
Sponsored by: Mercury Computer Systems
Jan 25, 2007 2PM EDT (15 years, 10 months ago)
Advanced multi-function radar systems present enormous challenges, as they must simultaneously provide multi-mode search, multi-target tracking, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, and space time adaptive processing (STAP). These systems will be deployed in some of the harshest and most demandin...
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Dec 06, 2006 2PM EDT (15 years, 11 months ago)
FPGAs offer a wide range of cost/performance for implementing DSP algorithms. Finding the optimal implementation usually involves exploring the tradeoffs between fully parallel vs. serial architectures of the algorithm and will be highly dependent on the available resources, speed, and architecture...
Sponsored by: Pentek
Nov 30, 2006 2PM EDT (15 years, 11 months ago)
Sponsored by: ChipX and Lattice Semiconductor
Nov 08, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years ago)
Engineers designing an embedded computing processor or I/O board face many challenges and choices. This E-cast will explore what happens when chipset are not available or alternatives are needed to meet specific design requirements.
Sponsored by: Mercury Computer Systems
Oct 26, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years, 1 month ago)
This seminar compares the benefits of SMP and distributed architectures as implemented for different types of processors. Developers and innovators who require embedded multiprocessing solutions can benefit from this seminar, which will present: (1) The ease of use and code portability of SMP archit...
Sponsored by: RadiSys
Oct 24, 2006 1PM EDT (16 years, 1 month ago)
The COM Express standard defines a small form factor single board computer based on high performance PCI Express fabric technology. Com Express boards can be used standalone for embedded applications or can act as a CPU mezzanine that plugs onto an application specific I/O base board. Using COM Expr...
Sponsored by: Lyrtech and Nallatech
Oct 12, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years, 1 month ago)
The inherent parallelism of high density FPGAs, plus their ability to realize myriad DSP algorithms -- while also adding microprocessor capabilities -- has made them the logical choice in DSP systems. While not replacing the general purpose DSP IC, FPGAs complement signal processing applications so...
Sponsored by: OpenSystems Media
Sep 13, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years, 2 months ago)
Sponsored by: GEDAE, Celoxia, ICS, Annapolis
Sep 12, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years, 2 months ago)
The market for DSP, and FPGAs used as signal processing engines and in reconfigurable computing applications, is larger today than ever. We will be examining the use of these technologies in the embedded marketplace and discussing the "hot issues" for busy engineers.
Sponsored by: RapidIO Trade Association, Mercury Computer Systems, IDT, Inc., Tundra, Freescale
Aug 24, 2006 2PM EDT (16 years, 3 months ago)
Sponsored by: Surf Communication Solutions and GE Fanuc Embedded Systems
Jun 29, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 4 months ago)
Learn the nuts and bolts of how the AdvancedMC platform forms a basis for flexible AdvancedTCA designs and the new MicroTCA system-level specification, which gives telecom equipment solutions providers a versatile tool for addressing applications with tight cost and space restraints. As an ever-incr...
Sponsored by: Ardence, AMD, National Instruments
Jun 27, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 5 months ago)
Today's multicore processors are designed to deliver outstanding performance, and embedded designers need to understand both the hardware and the software to optimize their systems. In this live event, we'll hear from AMD and Ardence on key points in their multicore architectures, and techniques to...
Sponsored by: CP-TA, Intel, SCOPE, SA Forum, and OSDL
May 24, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 6 months ago)
Five organizations are working together to drive a mainstream market for open industry standards-based communications platforms. Join the Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA), Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), Service Availability...
Sponsored by: Mercury Computer Systems
May 03, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 6 months ago)
High-performance processing in a 3U form factor offers unique capabilities that address the severe size, weight, and power constraints for deployed mission-critical applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs). This se...
Sponsored by: VMEtro and Curtiss Wright
Apr 25, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 7 months ago)
In the coming months, we will see great activity pertaining to VITA 46, and its related standards VITA 48 and VITA 56. Chris Ciufo will investigate the markets and applications for all of these - and more - to try to help readers understand where each fits, and why. Sorting out these new standards i...
Sponsored by: Mercury Computer Systems
Apr 05, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 7 months ago)
The Cell Broadband Engine (BE) processor is a breakthrough technology capable of massive floating-point processing for compute-intensive applications. Originally designed for the home entertainment market, the Cell BE processor's architecture of nine heterogeneous on-chip cores is ideal for the type...
Sponsored by: Mercury Computer Systems
Mar 15, 2006 7PM EDT (16 years, 8 months ago)
VXS adds a high-speed, serial RapidIO fabric to the battle-tested VME architecture. This VITA 41.2 extension promises to increase the performance of fabric-limited applications by three times or more. Designers and developers are looking to VXS to solve defense embedded compute problems with serial...