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ATR enclosures following SOSA standards introduced by Pixus Technologies


July 26, 2023

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image courtesy Pixus Technologies

WATERLOO, Ontario. Pixus Technologies has introduced new 1/2 to 3/4 size Air Transport Rack (ATR) enclosures, in line with the Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) technical standard, according to a company statement.

These chassis are compatible with various slot profile configurations of multiple 3U OpenVPX, the company says. The Pixus ATRs can accommodate VITA 48.2 conduction-cooled boards in up to 12 slots and 10 slots, respectively, and they feature enhanced cooling up to 100W/slot, achieved via dual MIL grade fans or through an interface to the platform’s air conditioning system, the statement reads.

According to the company, Pixus' ATRs adhere to the latest MIL 810, MIL 461, DO-160, and related specifications, and they provide space below the backplane for routing RF and fiber interfaces to the front panel, along with Pixus’ standard SHM300 SOSA aligned chassis manager.

Pixus can offer a complete solution for customers with SOSA backplanes, enclosures, and chassis managers, and in partnership with power supplies and plug-in card providers, the statement adds.

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