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Powerful Miniature PZN Connector Delivers High Density Circuitry

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A new breed of connector and cable increases rugged density in tomorrow’s electronic systems. 

Powerful Miniature PZN Connector Highly portable electronic instruments must be compact, lightweight and rugged for use in applications from military, aerospace, robotics, sensors, surveillance and medical systems. Connector and wiring systems used in routing data and signal information from one module to another need to match those demands, as well. In many cases high speed digital signals will be speeding critical images and activation information to control systems. Fortunately, many of the advanced circuits operate on lower voltages and reduced current levels and higher density circuit boards include standard connection points at 25 mils (.625mm) pin to pin spacing. Sensor device technology are using PZN connectors in a plethora of serious applications from autonomous devices, to human monitors and robotic machinery, where rugged miniaturization is critical.

To meet the new demands, Omnetics’ PZN connectors have been designed, built and tested using military style Nano-pin and sockets to sustain constant signal integrity during shock and vibration for rugged and portable electronic systems. The connector contact spacing is set at 25 one-thousandths of an inch and uses both the male and female within the same insulator design. The connector design insures self-alignment during the mating process. Shell and lead formats for SMT and other shapes are readily available with contact counts from 4 to 24 leads. Typical wiring for cable interconnection is accomplished using 30 AWG Teflon® insulated multi-strand copper wire rated for up to 1 ampere of current. By using key elements proven in Military specification 32139 Nano-D connectors, the PZN connector pin-to-sockets use the same highly tempered BeCu springs or flex elements that are then nickel plated and subsequently coated with gold. The spring strength will remain strong through temperature cycles and daily rugged use while the plating on the key elements retains very low contact resistance throughout the life of the instrument. 

PZN connectors are being used inside data packs for covert surveillance equipment requiring miniature connector and cable for miniature camera systems. Nano-eye sized cameras offer stealthy performance for mounted viewing as well when employed on dismounted soldiers and portable systems. Surface mount receptacles fit with the size and height of other active components on the p.c. boards. The Nano interconnecting pin to socket method retains signal integrity during active pursuit situations in rugged situations and remain easily plugged and disconnected in discrete environments. Board designers specify the number of pin elements needed to keep size and weight to a minimum. The PZN Nano connectors have been proven to perform well with the small size and reduced mass.

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