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Omnetics high-speed family for SWaP and soldier worn applications

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SWaPToday’s design engineers have a strong directive when it comes to military electronics, and much of the emphasis is focused heavily around SWaP. SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) is a major challenge for designers tasked with the development of modern day electrical and computer equipment. Whether your design focuses on a soldier worn computing device or something fixed, the physical Size, Weight and Power of the system are critical for determining its overall effectiveness.

The main challenge when designing SWaP-optimized electronics is finding the delicate balance between size, weight, and power consumption, without physically compromising the devices’ overall performance, durability and reliability. Many advanced avionics platforms today are processing mountains of data, and in doing so, are consuming more power than ever before. This requires today’s engineers to design embedded electronics and interconnect systems differently, so they can handle increased data speeds and bandwidth without adding significant weight.

Omnetics Connector Corporation has been able to lend their expertise to this issue by releasing a new set of miniaturized high-speed standards featuring ruggedized USB 3.0, HDMI and Cat6a offerings. This new family of miniature circulars allows designers the ability to transmit uninterrupted, high-speed digital signals in some of the smallest mil-spec footprints on the market. Omnetics, a Mil-Spec connector manufacturer, has been designing circular configurations for over 30 years, and in order to make these already robust connectors even more rugged and watertight, the process of injection overmolding was added to this family of interconnect standards. Consisting of shielded polyurethane cables, these battlefields tested circulars feature a flat black overmold allowing for a seamless IP68 seal, with the signal integrity to match. Each high-speed configuration utilizes Omnetics’ patented flex-pin gold-plated contacts that are polarized and shrouded by a unique liquid crystal polymer insulator. The overmolded shells are keyed to ensure easy mate-ability in the field with one hand (gloved or bare). Blind-mate-ability is no longer an issue—Omnetics’ ruggedized shell features a polarized triple-key configuration to make even the tough connection seem easy. Fully encased in the polyurethane mold hides a 360° shielded solution, terminated to a banding platform designed into the shell to ensure the highest level of signal integrity is achieved.

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