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Featuring 11th Gen Intel SoC technology, Kontron VX3060-S2 takes rugged high performance processing, neural network acceleration and powerful graphics OpenVPX to next level

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September 23, 2021

Ismaning, September 23, 2021 - Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), commences first deliveries of its high performance VX3060-S2 Blade PC, and is inviting developers to apply now for early access to Kontron’s industry-first Blade PC. Based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors, this underscores Kontron’s strong partnership with Intel, enabling the company to be first to market with a powerful and versatile space-saving 3U VPX single board PC.

CPU SKUs included with the Kontron VX3060-S2 are quad core units supporting specialized Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI) and Doubled Signal Processing performance (AVX512). The Gen12 Gfx graphics engine ensures maximum performance for computer vision and media processing - twice that of the previous generation. Furthermore, the direct on-chip access to main memory allows exceptional performance from the 96 execution units (EUs), especially when compared to traditional discrete graphics silicon solutions featuring many more EUs.

Alain Spors, Director of Products at Kontron, says: “Developers can take advantage of our VX3060-S2 immediately. On a single blade consuming only 12 - 28W of power, the VX3060-S2 is ideal for long-term blade computing deployments in Aerospace, Defense and Transportation – in fact, any innovative embedded application requiring vector neural network acceleration or computer vision.

“We are already delivering on numerous requests across a broad spectrum of applications. These include confirmed use cases in proximity surveillance of combat vehicles, tactical communication nodes between aircraft, and certified computers for aeronautics and railways.”

Multiple extensions allow developers to more easily address a wide range of demanding mission critical applications. Specific power and temperature monitoring sensors make the VX3060-S2 qualified for safety critical applications. VX3060-S2 can provide Hardware Root of Trust thanks to its TPM module and Kontron SEC-Line elements. For ease of access, the VX3060-S2 pin assignment is compatible with VITA65 OpenVPX Profiles, and supports the SOSA standard for expediting avionics certification. Therefore the VX3060 is also able to bring critical new features to existing systems developed in accordance with these standards.

A rich Linux™ BSP allows instant evaluation and benchmarking. This includes the source code required to support the VX3060-S2 in any Linux distribution, offering developers an unparalleled ‘out of the box’ experience thanks to CMON-Line, its integrated remotely accessible CBIT service.


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Member of the S&T Group Kontron is a global leader in IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT). As part of the S&T technology group, Kontron offers individual solutions in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 through a combined portfolio of hardware, software and services. With its standard and customized products based on highly reliable state-of-the-art technologies, Kontron provides secure and innovative applications for a wide variety of industries. As a result, customers benefit from accelerated time-to-market, lower total cost of ownership, extended product lifecycles and the best fully integrated applications. For more information, please visit:

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