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Holt Releases 6-Channel Discrete-to-Digital Sensor


May 05, 2022

Holt Releases 6-Channel Discrete-to-Digital Sensor
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Mission Viejo, Calif.  Holt Integrated Circuits today announced a new addition to its galvanically isolated discrete-to-digital sensor family. The HI-8427 provides 400V galvanic isolation between the sense inputs and the digital logic and two GND/Open sensing modes, one for sensing analog inputs in the 0 to 5V range and the other for sensing inputs compliant to Airbus ABD0100 specification threshold levels found in 28V aircraft systems.

The 400V galvanic isolation is provided by a capacitively-coupled isolation barrier between the analog sense inputs and digital outputs, ensuring protection of sensitive digital circuitry. All sense inputs are designed to comply with the power transient requirements outlined in MIL-STD-704. The small 6.5mm x 6.5mm thermally enhanced TSSOP-20 package provides a very compact footprint for a 6-channel device, normally requiring a multitude of discrete components and significant board space.

The two sense modes provide flexibility for use in both 5V and 28V systems. Low Threshold mode may be used for detecting voltage levels in CMOS or TTL applications and 5V aircraft systems such as MIL-STD-1760 address line or similar discrete voltages. Ground levels are sensed at voltages < 1.5V and result in a logic “0” on the digital output. Open or high levels are detected at voltages > 4.0V, resulting in a logic “1” on the digital output. When all sense inputs are open, a Disconnect digital output will be asserted and a Dead Face digital input is also provided to simultaneously disconnect all sense inputs. A 5mA wetting current is sourced when any of the sense inputs are at ground potential, making this device suitable for detecting relay contact switching. Standard Threshold mode provides Ground detect below 4.5V and Open detect at voltages greater than 10.5V, compliant with Airbus ABD0100 specification, making this mode ideal for 28V aircraft systems.

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