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SOSA aligned SBC and Ethernet switch debuts from Curtiss-Wright


October 06, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Curtiss-Wright VPX3-1262 SBC

ASHBURN, Va. Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division introduced the VPX3-1262 single board computer (SBC), a new addition to its Fabric100 family of high-performance SOSA aligned processing engines; and the the VPX3-6826, a SOSA aligned 100G data plane and control plane Ethernet switch for next-generation rugged processing systems. 

The Curtiss-Wright product announcement asserts that the VPX3-1262 is the first SOSA aligned plug-in-card (PIC) to support time sensitive networking (TSN) on 1G and 10G Ethernet ports to provide deterministic Ethernet switching for time-critical data communications. It is aimed at use in general computing, mission processing, virtualized application hosting, high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems, and multi-SBC systems for advanced processing and ISR [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] applications.

It can be used in conjunction with Curtiss-Wright’s simultaneously introduced VPX3-6826 Ethernet switch, a new Fabric100 3U OpenVPX 100G Data Plane and Control Plane switch that also supports TSN. The 6826 has been designed and optimized to provide the low-latency, high-speed Ethernet backbone required by modern fiber-distributed aerospace and defense sensor processing architectures. The company says that it maximizes connectivity and simplifies system building with both high-speed copper VPX backplane ports and rugged optical ports.  


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