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Miniature InterconnectsToday’s charge coupled device technologies and CMOS chips are rapidly improving their higher resolution capabilities. Parallel chip receivers are also extending image capture breadth and resolution. As a result, processing speeds are doubling with larger image frames and the use of increased frame rates from 30 and 60 frames per second to over 100 frames per second. This is driving digital signal data rates from the older 5 Gigabits/second to above 10 gigabits/second. To handle this rush for higher resolution simultaneously with higher speeds, new cable and connector designs are required to deliver quality signals to the image processor and storage systems.

Our company has developed families of ruggedized Micro and Nano standard connectors for military and aerospace sector. The standard connector series have been designed to be small, lightweight and meet full specifications such as Military standard 83513 for Micro-size and Military standard 32139 for Nano-size connectors.

Omnetics includes extremely small pin to socket elements that carry the specified current flows as well as retain constant signal integrity during operation.

Camera systems are now benefiting from application specific designed interconnections for their cameras as size and weight goes down and as camera data link speeds go up. Image designers can work directly with connector designers to quickly design and build their new instruments with assurance they will work and survive the many rigors of surveillance systems today.

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