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Call for Consensus Body Members to Approve Revisions to ANSI/VITA 48.0-2020 and 48.2-2020

Press Release

September 30, 2021

VITA is accepting registrations to be a member of a public review VITA Consensus Body for voting to revise this standard. You do not have to be a VITA member to participate in this Consensus Body. The response deadline to register for this consensus body is: October 5, 2021

REVISION OF EXISTING STANDARD Under ANSI and VITA rules every 5 years an approved standard must be reaffirmed, revised, placed in stabilized maintenance or withdrawn. This standard has been revised, hence it has been put forth for approval of the revisions.

DRAFT/VITA 48.0-2021x: Mechanical Standard for Microcomputers using Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI)

Abstract: This standard defines a mechanical implementation for Plug-In Modules. Two types of Plug-In Modules are defined: Type 1 and Type 2. Both Type 1 and Type 2 Plug-In Modules take advantage of increased slot pitch to provide enhanced thermal performance and increased structural durability. Type 1 units support Two Level Maintenance while Type 2 units do not. This revision adds allowance for a 100 mm Plug-In Module depth and allows for additional pitches to be defined in the VITA 48 Dot Standards.

DRAFT/VITA 48.2-2021x: Mechanical Standard for Microcomputers using Ruggedized Enhanced Design Implementation (REDI)

Abstract: This standard defines the mechanical requirements that are needed to ensure the mechanical interchangeability of conduction cooled 3U and 6U Plug-In Modules and defines the features required to achieve Two Level Maintenance compatibility. This revision adds a 100 mm depth and multiple pitches at 0.2" increments.

Stakeholders: Anyone building or using VPX boards or systems in enhanced environments.

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE CONSENSUS BODY Currently, this consensus body needs voting members from the following interest categories in order to be able to proceed with this process. The consensus body will be vetted to ensure it meets balance, lack of dominance and openness rules. Following which a formal ballot will be sent to the consensus body for voting.

Producer: Product designer/developer, typically the manufacturer of products using this standard.

User-Commercial: Where the standards activity in question deals with a commercial product, an appropriate user participant is the commercial (non-military) user of the product.

User-Government/Military: Where the standards activity in question is likely to result in a standard that may become the basis for government agency procurement, an appropriate user participant is the representative of that government agency.

General Interest: Where an overseeing interested party may participate or other possible participant not involved in producing, directly using, or acquiring the product as a government user.

Research: Where the interested party is involved in industry research or consulting that may use the standard.

Please note that company membership in VITA is not a requirement to join this consensus body. This registration is open to both VITA members and non-members. You must register via this form if you wish to participate in the upcoming ballot. There is no fee to join this consensus body.

In the case that you believe this standard needs a revision, please indicate so in the comments field of the registration form and be prepared to sponsor and actively participate in the revision effort. If you are selected for the consensus body, you may provide minor editorial comments during the balloting.

Please register ONLY IF you intend to vote. The VITA policies and ANSI Function can be found on our governance page at

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