Military Embedded Systems

Curtiss-Wright shows electrification tech for defense and aerospace at DSEI 2023


September 13, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Curtiss-Wright graphic.

LONDON. Curtiss-Wright Corp. is putting a spotlight on its positioning to help drive the transition to electrical power currently underway across the defense and aerospace arenas as it shows new technologies at this week's DSEI 2023 show. 

The company reports that at DSEI 2023 it is showcasing its next-generation High-Voltage Turret Drive Stabilization System (HV TDSS), which converts 28 V battery power up to 750 V peak power for precision maneuvering of high-inertia loads on such platforms as large caliber turrets and main battle tank turret drive and stabilization systems, enabling users to harness short-burst high power without adding size-weight/power/cost or the risk of damage to sensitive electronics.

The HV TDSS is aimed at use in high-speed motion-control systems; mobile air defense; high-speed launchers for active protection systems; and mobile radar stations, cranes, trucks, and excavators. The HV TDDS can also be used, according to Curtiss-Wright, in naval weapons system on a wide variety of platforms, including war ships.

DSEI attendees may visit Curtiss-Wright at Hall 2/Booth 552.

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