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Hardware full disk encryption technology for military applications using two-layer commercial solutions - Story

January 19, 2018
While the consumer market promotes rapid adoption of new microelectronics with ever-shortening product life cycles, the military market demands risk mitigation and long-term supply continuity - even for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) parts modified or screened to military requirements. Given the advantages of solid state drive (SSD) devices that consumers take for granted today, it is not surprising to see SSD devices adopted for military applications. In a prior publication, we defined the standards for a military grade data storage device with security designed in from the early stages of development. This new class of military storage devices, referred to as Secure SSD, is engineered with security built-in from the design phase.

Mercury Systems agrees to acquire Themis Computer - News

December 21, 2017
ANDOVER, Mass. Mercury Systems -- developer and builder of processing subsystems used in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR); radar; electronic warfare (EW); storage; and guidance defense applications -- has agreed to acquire Themis Computer, based in Fremont, California. Themis designs, manufactures, and integrates commercial size/weight/power-optimized rugged servers, computers, and storage systems for U.S. and international defense programs.

Miniaturizing electronic warfare microelectronics to advance precision-guided weapon technologies - Story

November 07, 2017
Electronic warfare (EW) technologies are normally deployed in ground, naval, and airborne platforms to maintain a strategic and tactical advantage in the modern battlefield. As the threat environment evolves, there is an increasing need to integrate sophisticated EW capability into precision-guided weapons (PGW). These platforms present the most demanding size, weight, and power (SWaP) challenges for the defense microelectronics industry today. Recent technology developments have yielded high-performance, miniaturized and ruggedized RF components and modules for these SWaP-constrained EW systems.

Advanced Microelectronics Center open house highlights defense security and job growth - Other

October 24, 2017
Mercury Systems recently celebrated the opening of its fourth Advanced Microelectronics Center (AMC), located in Phoenix, Arizona. The open house event highlighted the continuing security challenges in the defense arena, as well as the job growth that the center promises to provide Phoenician residents.

Xeon-D Vs Xeon-E for embedded radar applications - Whitepaper

September 13, 2017

Embedding Xeon E devices in to military applications requires rugged packaging, reliable/efficient cooling, fast and unrestricted pipes and banks of memory.


A Low-risk, COTS Approach to Building Safety Certifiable Processing Subsystems - Whitepaper

September 13, 2017

How to affordably decrease safety critical processing subsystem development time and program risk using DO-178 / DO-254 certifiable off-the-shelf building blocks.